"Transcendent and ethereal are not adjectives to be taken lightly, but such descriptions of this gloriously heart-wrenching debut release are more than apropos. The 10-track album features poetic storytelling, presenting evocative slices of life that put the listener into the thick of alternately uncomfortable and uplifting tales.


"Sweet Ghosts’ album Certain Truths shares some of Calexico’s spacious sound, but the songs are smaller and more autumnal. Their voices define the songs, which are framed by a disciplined acoustic guitar and colored by discreet synths, pianos, strings, and other instruments that coo, hum, and yearn in the background. Unlike Calexico’s songs which invoke the desert, Sweet Ghosts’ songs on Certain Truths sound like late afternoon songs when winter’s coming." 


The beautiful interplay of voices on Sweet Ghosts' debut release should be reason enough alone to add Certain Truths to the list of albums you want to hear...There is a granduer in the music of Sweet Ghosts. Tracks like "Finally Come Home" could easily transition to a stage production. At other moments, Sweet Ghosts takes on a decidedly downhome feel, trading the violins for mandolins and opting to flex their Americana roots...Their success can be heard in the album's fluidity. 


"Recorded over the span of two years when Alfred and Byrnes were between tours, the songs on debut album Certain Truths reflect thoughtful, unrushed production and carefully plotted lyrics. Byrnes’ strong, feminine vocals recall the sirens of the interwar era, backed up by Alfred’s mellower harmonies and traditional instrumentation that tends toward spare but can occasionally build to a surprisingly forceful crescendo."


“The music on “Certain Truths” is both out of time and timeless. It appropriates sounds from so many eras that it becomes wholly original in it's presentation and setting, coming of as what I like to call a perfect “Sunday morning record”. It's an album best listened to alone in contemplative times when you have the moments to spare for both music and lyrics...It's diificult music to define but it sure is easy to enjoy.”


The stunning, rarely predictable harmonies that define "Certain Truths" surface at  0:36 and rarely let up. Ryan's voice is milky, Byrnes' diaphonous; his like aspen bark, hers like polished cherry. The voices overlap each other, with Alfred's grounding Byrnes' occasionally butterfly -like flight...